‘I had no idea about money’: Andrew Bogut pivots from sport to startups

Posted by : Felix Polding | On : November 14, 2019

All professional athletes who have succeeded in their respective careers are gifted with athletic talents – they can run fast, jump high or possess superior strength. But when these God-given talents start to deteriorate, these pros retire and begin to search for other things they can spend time on and hopefully earn money.

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Andrew Bogut

In any sport, whether football, boxing, basketball or anything even if you’re in the professional level, an athlete’s career has no certainty. Money is earned through contracts given by their respective teams or from product endorsements, but once the contract is over, the players need to look for another one. Sadly, not all athletes can get another contract. Some are due to injuries or other scandals that a certain player gets into – these can greatly affect the athlete’s career especially in today’s age where more and more new athletes arise and people have an eye on public figures including pro athletes.

You can name lots of once-famous pro athletes who turned broke after their playing careers. That is why athletes need to know how and where to put their earnings while they’re still capable to get contracts. Andrew Bugot, a professional basketball player for the Sydney Kings, decided to learn business through online courses.

Andrew Bogut has a stellar playing career in the National Basketball Association or NBA in the United States. He was the first-overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft and a champion with the Golden State Warriors.

However, despite Bogut’s success playing pro basketball that helped him earn millions of dollars and still being an active player, he still thinks about investment.

Bogut has estimated to have a personal wealth of $101 million by the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List, but despite that wealth, he still aimed to understand the language spoken around finance.

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