How Australians really feel about their jobs

Posted by : Felix Polding | On : March 26, 2019

Tough economic conditions result in people take jobs out of necessity rather than passion. Because of this, it may be difficult to imagine that there are people who really love their jobs. While you may not refer to your job as your best friend or dream of your cubicle each night, you may actually be one of those people.

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Love your job

Many Australians are stuck with jobs they actually don’t like. They only got to land their current job because they have kids going to school, they have bills and debts to pay, they need to pay their mortgage, and other financial responsibilities they want to comply. In other words, they are just working because they need money.

Enjoying and loving what you do is arguably one of the biggest advantages you can have. Loving your job is not just an added bonus to success, but actually an important precursor. If you enjoy what you do, working at it is easier, and your motivation to improve is somewhat innate, rather than forced.

Even if you’re able to land your childhood dream job, there will always be aspects of it that are less than enjoyable. If you enjoy it, success will come much easier, that’s because this process is driven by effort and process. The bumps in the road will seem less daunting, and the high points will be more appreciated.

Being able to love your job is also beneficial to your health. According to a certain study, older people with positive moods were 35% less likely to die within the next five years, confirming what we all know deep down: The happier you are, the longer you probably will live. If you love your job, you are less likely to be stressed and anxious.

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