Posted by : Felix Polding | On : October 22, 2016

At the end of the yearly performance cycle, managers and business owners spend a large amount of time evaluating workers prior year’s performance.  Their goal is to evaluate whether or not employees have delivered on their commitments, have spent time to self improvement, and are they reliable.

Conducting performance reviews is a daunting and intimidating task especially to new businessmen and managers. That is due to the fact that delivering feedback can be uncomfortable. So if you are one those who struggles with this task, accountants can help you find out how your business is performing. But if you are already a more seasoned veteran, you’ve probably already accepted that performance reviews are just part of the job.

Regardless, performance reviews are often overlooked but they are among the most crucial aspects of managing employees regardless of size; they help shape and align your company to improve its strength. Therefore, it is important for you to be prepared; you need to review your notes on the employee performance ahead of time. If your employees are required to write self-evaluations, read them and highlight any comments you got. You may also consult a business accountant for assistance or financial advice.

Perth business performance reviews

For most firms, they start their performance reviews by conducting an interview. Like we’ve said, performance reviews are not an exciting task. It’s always best to start off informally to encourage a discussion. Once the conversation begins to shift to the actual performance appraisal, keep it light but honest.

Keep in mind that in every organisation, everyone wants to chase success. Everyone wants to feel valued. Despite this, many employees walk away from their performance reviews with little or no change in inspiration or energy. Don’t make them feel that you are not giving them value. Instead, make them feel that they value them even more as time passes. One way to reach employees more effectively is to share your vision for their career and where you see them going.